2 tips for a successful Ramadan

As is customary, every year there is a period that all Muslims around the world dedicate to Lent. This is a very important time as it promotes communication and communion between the Muslim and his God. In order to take full advantage of this grace and to make a success of this period, there are certain practices to be observed. In this article, we give you some tips that can help you succeed in Ramadan.

A good spiritual preparation

At the time when you need concentration and serenity the most, this is when the evil one intervenes to subject you to temptations of all kinds. And if you are not in a certain spiritual predisposition you will quickly succumb. And if you are not spiritually inclined, you will soon succumb to this temptation, thus putting all your plans for the month of Ramadan to naught. Read on for more information. The month of Ramadan is a particularly sensitive time during which the Muslim must be very wise and humble. He must multiply good deeds, be careful of what he says and even what he thinks in order to get closer to Allah. This month can therefore be considered to be much more than a deprivation of food and water. Therefore, the Muslim is asked to pray much more than he normally does in order to receive the graces of Allah.


It is an understatement to say that youth is not easy. As the days pass, you may feel the desire to give up. But you must persevere with the fundamental reason why you started, which is to get closer to Allah. You have to put pressure on yourself so that the wills of your pulpit do not take over your spiritual life. To get through this holy month with dignity, it is important to be well surrounded. That is why you must pay attention to your environment. A well-known adage teaches that bad company corrupts good morals. This is why you should stay away from toxic environments that are a hindrance to your spiritual development.

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