2 solutions for treating athlete's foot

Athlete's foot is a fairly common ailment that everyone is susceptible to. Regardless of what its name may suggest, it does not only exist in the world of athletes and sportsmen. Whether you are a victim of it or not, it is best to know the remedies for it so that you can use them if necessary. In this article, we bring you two solutions to treat athlete's foot.

Use essential oils

As with the treatment of many other infections and diseases, essential oils are effective in ending the discomfort of athlete's foot. To find out more, click here for more details on the subject. Among the multitude of essential oils that exist, we have chosen to suggest the most effective. Olive oil is known for its ability to act on the skin to soften it. It is useful for treating athlete's foot. All oils that have antifungal properties are highly recommended. In this category we can mention tea tree oil and lavender oil. Coconut oil can also do the trick. The use of these different oils is simple. All you have to do is apply it to the infected area. You can dilute the oil slightly or use it as it is. Repeat the same procedure several times a day.

The use of garlic

Garlic has always been used as a natural recipe against several ailments. It is capable of curing athlete's foot in no time. You can experiment with it in the treatment of your athlete's foot. To do this, take a clove of garlic and peel it. Then you crush it to a paste. Apply this paste to the affected areas. It is also possible to make a garlic lotion that you can use as a bandage. Put a clove of garlic in boiling water and leave it for a few minutes to make an infusion. Make a small bandage on the athlete's foot. This way you can fight the sweating. If, in spite of all these different treatments, the problem persists, you should contact a health worker to suggest other solutions.